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I enjoy coding. I’m focusing on RTC technology now, and I love open source, agile development, and new technologies which I’m definitely willing to try out. I am on my way to become an expert.


I’m Piasy (Jianlin Xu). I receive my Bachelor degree on Computer Science in Tsinghua University at 2015. Now I’m leading the client SDK team at Powerinfo. I appreciate technology, and enjoy dealing real-life challenge with technology. Now I’m focusing on RTC technology, but my sight will never be limited in it. I think solving valuable problems with team members, efficiently and reliably, is the most important thing when building a product. To achieve this, critical thinking, ability to learn new things, and collaborating with others are key points. My dev blog is https://blog.piasy.com/, and my GitHub profile is https://github.com/Piasy/.

What I have built

YOLO (Android client), live streaming app for friends, it keeps privacy, and has awesome interaction between users, develop & maintain, official link;

AndroidTDDBootStrap, An Android TDD bootstrap project, with well designed architecture and collection of awesome libraries, including TDD / code coverage / CI / code quality integration. Aiming to be a good start point of new project, with practice and feedback from two production project.

OkBuck, A Gradle plugin, help Android developers to utilize the super fast build system BUCK with several lines configuration. It has been transferred to Uber at Sep. 2016.

BigImageViewer, Big image viewer supporting pan and zoom, with very little memory usage and full featured image loading choices. Powered by Subsampling Scale Image View, Fresco, Glide, and Picasso.

SafelyAndroid, Build safely Android App, no more Activity not found, Activity state loss and NPE during fragment transaction!

AdvancedRxJava, The Chinese translation of blog series Advanced Reactive Java http://akarnokd.blogspot.com/.

YOUNG (Android client), a college students’ social network app, develop & maintain & automating UI tests, this project is not develop and out of maintaining, info link;

For more projects, please see my Github profile.

What I want to do

I’ve been working on Android development for almost 3 years, now I’m focusing on media streaming technology. At the same time, I’ll be notified with new technologies in other fields. I plan to expand my skill stack, follow the tech trending, and work hard to become a technological master, expert.

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